Andrés Oyuela



A portrait of a women in a black dress.
A portrait of a woman in a pink dress.
Three women in similar dress.
A woman strides across a beach.
A close up of a woman, her hair windswept.
A woman leans back in a chair.
A woman in a chair leans against a wall, her hand in front of her face.
A woman leans back in a couch.
A woman smiling, leans against a wall.
A woman in a hallway, laughing
A series of couples.
Two women stand by New York construction.
Three women leaning against eachother, lit by bright sunlight.
Three women on a street corner.
Two women stand back to back
Three women sit on a bench.
Three women on the street.
An advertisement for Iluminas perfume.
An advertisement for Loreal.